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Need advice asap imgur link below for visual

Posted anonymously on Jun 25, 2015 01:25 AM 2 Responses

I'm not good with confrontation and need opinions. What do I say to this?http://imgur.com/buAuQmo Please feel free to say anything, I just need advice asap

Last comment on Jun 25, 2015 10:45 AM

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how can I resolve this situation and get over the anger and sadness I feel?

Posted anonymously on Jun 23, 2015 09:50 PM 2 Responses

Me and my partner have been living together for 6 years. I have always worked full time and up until recently my partner has not worked. Whilst he wasn't working he did all of the household chores and made dinner etc. We had hundreds of conversations about our finances and I told my partner on hundreds of occasions that if I am going to be the only working I would like the opportunity to go to college or uni so I could at least get a job that pays enough for me to keep us both. I'd also like to mention that I absolutly hate my current job to the point that I'm depressed. My partner has continually told me to hang in there and stick it out because he plans on joining the police and at this point I could quit my job or go part time and possibly have a baby. Now, last week he started a 15 hour a week job which obviously doesn't bring in much money and I don't think he has any intention of ever doing more. I'm so angry because I was fully prepared to keep him as long as I was able to get a degree. But now I've wasted so much time based on his false promise. I feel like he could have been honest with me and took a full time job for a little while so that I could get my degree. Instead im now stuck working fulll time in a job I can't stand in order to pay the bills and not much time to work on my degree whilst he works 15 hours a week. Why didn't he give me the opportunity is it so much to ask for what I was willing to give in return?

Last comment on Jun 25, 2015 12:36 PM

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Relationship Advice

Posted anonymously on Jun 13, 2015 04:42 AM 5 Responses

Hi I have been dating my current girlfriend for about 8 months now. We have gone through a few bumps in this time and worked through them together. I am absolutely in love with her and would do anything for her. She is very independent and very stubborn. We live very different lives as she works about 6 - 7 days a week doing what she loves. The only time i get to spend with her is the odd day she is off or the evenings i visit her. I dont work nearly as much ad have WAY more time on my hands. I support her fully with her career choice. I am there when she needs me for support. Our intimate life is suffering now too. Working such long hours and days makes her exhausted most of the time. She has a dog she loves dearly and it feels like she is more inclined to make time for him than me. We both got flu recently and all i wanted was to take care of her but she wanted none of that. I got really ill and asked if i could stay with her until i felt better. Its been a very up and down roller coaster few days. I am feeling very confused and have no idea which way to turn. I am so in love with her that it would kill me if i lost her because i did not try hard enough. I saw a message from her uncle asking her if she's married yet. Her reply was that she doesnt think she will ever get married. This is what i want and she has told me she thinks about it. How do i approach this confusion and get her to talk to me?

Last comment on Jun 18, 2015 07:17 PM

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Posted anonymously on Jun 09, 2015 09:06 AM 1 Response

So, my girlfriend and I have been together for a while and we've been mostly happy. We have a few pitfalls, but it's mostly because I can't seem to get over her ex. Yes, HER ex. She's still friends with him, which I knew going into the relationship would be difficult, but I guess it's harder than I had expected. My girlfriend is terrified of possessive people, and I'm worried that I may be one. Even if it's just over him. I want to get over him and just be happy with her but I don't know how. I don't see him as a threat (I'm not worried about her cheating on me), I don't think he's better than me, and there is very little reason for me to be jealous over him, but for some reason, whenever she talks about him it drives me crazy, or when I see the two of them talk happily. I also have a somewhat uncontrollable imagination, so I accidentally imagine the two of them together a lot... I'd rather not ever talk to the guy, but if I have to I will...Please help me. Thanks!

Last comment on Jun 11, 2015 09:50 AM

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stalking problems

Posted anonymously on Jun 07, 2015 01:03 PM 2 Responses

A boy In my class has been stalking me for the last 5 months ... he has an evil smile on his face and he continuously stares at me... where ever I go he tries to make eye contact like sitting on the opposite cafe table. .. he's told his friends something about me and they laugh and point when I walk by he sometimes stands up too.... I don't understand him does he like me ... is he making fun of me .. I think it's his habit to stalk girls ...maybe he has fun doing it .. but I'm the one who takes things seriously. .. I wasntnt know why.... I think he's a player but I'm getting trapped by him ... why am i not walking away...he's not honest Ifeel that but. .. what should I do?

Last comment on Jun 11, 2015 09:54 AM

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How to break up with online boyfriend

Posted anonymously on May 27, 2015 03:11 PM 4 Responses

This is a really sticky situation so be prepared. I have a transgender ftm boyfriend over the internet whom i have never met, i dont really know how we became a "thing" but it happened and i regret it :s. I want to break up with them but i have no idea how, its a really tough situation because they have self harmed in the past and i do not want to be the cause of it if i break up with them.. I have nothing agains transgenders but it just feels strange, i dont know I just really need help to stop this before it gets out of hand. Thanks.

Last comment on Jul 02, 2015 12:39 AM

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Is he into me?

Posted anonymously on May 24, 2015 03:06 PM 4 Responses

We met on tinder..met him out at a bar the first date..and spent the whole night talking.. Laughing and then the next morning he went back to NY to finish up w his moving since he is moving to Dallas..the first week was great with texting and the sweet names. Seemed to answer texts pretty quick.. The start of the 2nd week he became very busy with work which is understandable but most times taking hours to return my text. So I was honest and just asked him when he asked if he could see me when he came to town.. I said I just don't get the feeling your into me lately and he said it has nothing to do with me.. I'm completely interested.. This job just had me really busy..saying he was in conference rooms with co workers and not even breaking for lunch or dinner and they all eating in the conference room..He came back on Thursday.. He wanted to come right from the airport to see me.. Came w a bottle of wine which I thought was sweet, we didn't drink it... We watched a movie and layed down to sleep since he had to be to work the next day.. Nothing intimate has happened this far except kissing and a small bit of touching. He is very affectionate. So the next day he asked me to dinner.. He got off work late and I met him at his hotel.. We went out to dinner.. Then decided to go to a bar.. Great time.. We laughed and joked.. Went back to his hotel.. And that was the first night we were intimate..he seems really into me.. Very passionate when he kisses.. Like he is completely in the moment.. We sleep in the next day and layed around the hotel.. And then decided to go to breakfast after being intimate for the 2nd time..we ate and had good convo and it's so cute how both at dinner and breakfast he kept sharing his food with me..insisting I share with him... We go back to the hotel where we talk for another 2 hrs and then I left and he was going to text me and maybe get together that night but had previous plans with his friend.. We ended up not getting together.. And he text me late and said have a good night, which I was sleeping.. In the morning I woke up and text him back and 8 hrs late hasn't read my message or responded.. Just so confused..I'm used to if someone is interested you know it.. You know they are thinking about you by you hearing from him.. I didn't even get a good morning or how's your day..I asked him yesterday if he's looking for a sexual relationship or more.. His response was.. I am looking to meet someone and see where it goes :(... So I just don't want to continue liking someone who in one hand I feel like he is into me but on the other hand I feel like he's not...help.. I'm new to dating.. I don't know if I'm expecting to much or if he just isn't into me...

Last comment on Jun 25, 2015 09:31 PM

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My Prom Disaster

Posted anonymously on May 23, 2015 02:12 PM 5 Responses

So, this guy I really like, asked me to prom. He's a junior and I'm a sophomore. It's a Junior and Senior prom. After he asked me, I asked if I could get back to him. He said that's okay and that he hopes I say yes. I couldn't bring myself to reject him so I told him yes. I do want to go with him. I don't care for prom itself but he asked me and I know how shy he is. So, I really appreciate him womaning up. My problem is my mother is a traditionalist and doesn't believe that I should attend Prom in my sophomore year and she thinks that boys are a sin. She doesn't want me to go. I see now at this moment that I should have just said no because I know my mum. My sister and cousin have come up with a plan but the sister my mother trusts the most doesn't want to participate. She said she won't say anything but she won't help us. I have to tell him no. He is the sweetest guy and his mom is so nice. She asked a lot of questions about me and she asked what color etc. I really really really need help. I don't know what to do. The thought of me telling him no is killing me but the thought of my mother getting angry with me or upset or anything else....I hate that. I can't do it. I want to go. I want to spend an amazing night with him. I want to also have my mothers blessing. I need a good way to tell him no after I told him yes or I need a way to convince my mum. Or maybe even make him not want to go with me....even that would be better. I like him a lot but I'd rather sacrifice my own feelings than their feelings. I wouldn't be able to take it. The guilt would drive me insane. Please, help me. (:

Last comment on May 28, 2015 11:00 AM

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What should I do?

Posted anonymously on May 19, 2015 12:58 AM 1 Response

Ok I'm 14 years old and I think... Well I know I'm in love with this girl who is my same age. I've liked her since the 7th grade but I just recently realized my love for her. I've known her since the first grade and our parents are pretty good friends. In fact, I've been to her house for dinner a few times with my family. We're not like the best of friends but we do talk. It's usually just sharing stories and it's not very frequent. I think she would consider me her friend but I'm not sure. I've made an effort to talk to her more lately but I don't have her number. My friends make fun of me for liking her because she has small breasts/butt but I see past that. They pressure me and push me to ask her out but I feel like we're not even good enough friends yet. Most of the people I know know that I like her. What should be my next step in getting to know her better, and then what should I do?

Last comment on May 20, 2015 08:50 PM

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Ghosted by my boyfriend

Posted anonymously on May 11, 2015 08:43 AM 3 Responses

Backstory: boyfriend and I both in our mid-thirties, been dating for nearly 2 years. First 6 months were amazing, the rest of our relationship has it's highs and lows, mostly fighting over his work and not spending enough time together or traveling together. Recently, I moved to a new city and the plan was that he would move up here as well in a few months. We had thought we'd move in together but he said that our fights concerned him and he didn't think he was ready. To which I replied that if we're not ready to make this move after nearly 2 years together, maybe it's time to walk away. I'm not in a rush to be married or anything, but feel like at this stage of our relationship, if we're not moving forward, that what is really the point. He told me he loved me over and over and said that we would work something out. He was supposed to come back to see me before I left on a trip and canceled on me last minute over text message, which is highly unlike him and he didn't even call me to talk that night or once while I was away. His behaviors were all really strange and I spent the weekend in emotional turmoil trying to figure out why my boyfriend just stopped talking to me. He finally replied to me on Sunday and we both agreed to take a break. So, I guess I'm single? This whole thing was so sudden and unlike his typical communication that I'm really having a hard time understanding his behavior. If anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated.

Last comment on May 12, 2015 01:15 PM