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HELP !!!!

Posted anonymously on Mar 19, 2015 05:16 PM 1 Response


Last comment on Mar 19, 2015 11:05 AM

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one night stand.. does he like me or not?

Posted anonymously on Mar 11, 2015 07:40 AM 3 Responses

I met this guy in a club over the weekend. He wasn't local and was here on business trip so didn't have a local number. All he gave me was a work email address, took my phone and sent himself an email and said he will write me again. But after a few drinks, we headed back to his hotel. The sex was amazing and he was very sweet. He even wanted to cuddle and have pillow talk after sex and also prepared toothbrush etc for me for the morning. We had sex again in the morning and cuddled for the longest time. He walked me down to get a taxi and I went back. The next day I wrote him an email asking if he was interested to have a drink, he replied me a couple hours later and said he could do drinks with me but would be late at night. I said ok and was waiting for him in my friend's bar. He was an hour late so i thought he wasn't coming but was surprised and happy when he showed up. I could tell he was very tired when he got to the bar, he came directly after his work. So after a drink we went back to his hotel and this time i wasn't drunk. The sex was even better than the last time and after sex we cuddled again and he asked started asking me how many relationships i've had, if i thought he's cute and how would i rate the sex blah blah.. He said i was definitely in his top 3 of all his relationships and that he loved how much i turn him on (not sure if this is some form of tactic to make me feel special). As we were falling asleep with me wrapped up in his arms, he suddenly jerked me up and said "come on, lets go to the roof. you'd love it, the view is amazing and we could have a smoke there" (i told him before we went to sleep that i would love to have a cigarette right now and he said he will have one too and started to yawn so i said it's ok since he's so tired he should rest). At that point, I thought he was so sweet and thoughtful. He told me he had a conference call at 6am but he would rather i stay the night and leave before his call (emphasised how sorry he was to have to wake me up early too). We cuddled and he hugged me so tight and said "now you don't want me to go back, do you?" I shook my head and he hugged me even tighter and said "i'm glad you like me". So 6am came and his phone was screaming, i woke up in shock of the alarm and he wrapped his arms around me and said "shh.. dont bother about it, sleep baby". he took the call and signal that i should just sleep in and not leave. We had sex again after his call and he said we should just snooze for 10 mins and head down for breakfast. During breakfast, he was being so sweet again and i was at that point starting to fall for him. He told me he had to jump into another call, i said he should take it up his room and he asked if i would go up too but i didn't wanna overstay my welcome and chose to head home. Later in the afternoon I wrote him again, asking if he wanted to meet up again but only got a reply like 5 hours later saying he would be too tired to head out but i am very welcome over his place. I replied i would go over in a while and asked if he's already back in the hotel but got no reply. I know he has a early morning flight and we stayed up so late the night before, he's probably tired. I got an reply from him in the middle of the night saying he fell asleep and that he was very sorry but i have yet to reply him. Now I know he will be flying in and out the country for work so he will definitely be back. The thing is he only gave me his work email and not his private one, he does not have Facebook and i can't add him there. He has a phone but didn't give me his number (could be a work phone for all i know). So basically i have no means of contacting him except for his work email which in this current era, is kinda stupid to me. My question is, does he actually like me at all? Should i reply his email and what should i say in my email?

Last comment on Mar 11, 2015 10:28 PM

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relationship advice should I stay?

Posted anonymously on Mar 05, 2015 08:19 AM 6 Responses

Ive been in a relationship for six years and my partner has never had a steady job. He is 33 and I am 26. He's a film maker and tells me it is the nature of the career he has chosen. One year ago he moved to another country on the pre-tense of getting work, since then he has had a job for only two months of this year. The rest of the time he is doing what he calls freelance work he is making online videos to add to his show reel but he is not getting paid. Im am getting frustrated with this situation as we have been maintaining a long term relationship for 1 yr now and I feel there is no reason to be. It came to a head today when I called him and said i would book and pay for flights for him to come home this weekend (I know he does not have any work this weekend) and he has refused to take me up on the offer. Am i being selfish to want him to live in the same country as me and is there any way to put across my worries about him not working without it sounding like I am nagging

Last comment on Mar 06, 2015 09:32 AM

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Does he actually want to hang out, or is he just being nice?

Posted anonymously on Mar 04, 2015 07:27 PM 2 Responses

So today I texted a guy who I really like. I asked him if he would like to hang out or talk sometime to get to know each other better. He replied saying: "I'd be happy to hang out sometime and chat!" Does that mean he just wants to be friends, or does he want to actually hang out with me? Or is he just trying to be nice?

Last comment on Mar 05, 2015 12:07 PM

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How stupid i feel after a one night stand

Posted anonymously on Mar 03, 2015 11:57 PM 6 Responses

I've been single for months and i got bored spending evenings having dinner by myself or with friends or with parent. I went on dates but didn't sleep with any of them because i didn't like their personalities neither nor no chemistry. Some were very obvious they wanted sexual encounters. Then my friend suggested Tinder. It was fun killing time. There are many attractive guys in the area--most of them don't live here. It was like somewhat an ego boost that i've gotten many matches. I put in my profile that i was looking for friends to hang out, dining out and trying new cool spots in town. Not looking for hook ups or casual sex. Anyway, I matched a cute guy. He's 28 and I'm 33. He stated in his profile he lives over 1000km away from me but he came in town. Anyway, i complimented his photos. We started chatting and he asked if i had any plans that evening. I was busy with work so i didn't reply. The next day, in the afternoon, he asked me again to meet that evening and i thought.. fine by me. He gave me his number and Line ID then we met for a nice Japanese dinner. I offered to share the bill because i didn't want to take advantages of him. After that, we hanged out at a cool bar. He said he often came to the city i live, almost every month. We started drinking and having flowing conversations. We discussed about many topics. Work, life, philosophy and relationship. I started to get tipsy and started to kiss him on lips. Then he looked a little bit surprised with wide opened eyes. I told him he was very cute. He really was cute, funny, witty, incredibly smart, very active and very social. We kissed and talked a bit more. Anyway, i told him i couldn't go to his place because i parked my car elsewhere and need to take it out before midnight since i didn't want a one night stand to happen. But he seemed to wait it and ,admittedly, i wanted it with him too. He accompanied me to pick my car. Before we went to his hotel, i asked him he wasn't in any kind of relationship. He said he broke up with his ex gf a month ago. That's why he went to Tokyo to see his friends 2 weeks ago before coming here. At his room, we joked, we laughed and we talked even more and more. He tried to impress me and acting mature and that made me smile. He never flooded compliments or being cheesy but i liked that. I convinced myself i hadn't had sex for a long time and this would be a one time thing. After it's done, he asked me to scratch his back and we cuddled for a while and fell asleep. Then morning sex.. then scratch his back. He asked if we could meet each other again when he come back next month. I said i would be traveling to a neighbor country and he asked where and he said he would like to go with me too. I was surprised to here that. Then he told me to send an itinerary to his email address---he gave me his full name and his email address to me. However, he told me he had an appointment at a hospital this morning (he mentioned that he had unknown cause of headache that bothers him) so we got dressed. When we were downstairs, i was about to walk to my car, then he asked me to have breakfast with him then asked me to drop him at a hospital. After we departed, i didn't expect to hear from him again. I tried not to get emotionally attached. Then when i got home, he texted me saying his MRI result was normal. His blood tests came back normal as well. I told him take it easy. Then in the afternoon he texted me and asked me to hang out with him before he flew back. At first i hesitated because i felt weird... but it was my day off and i didn't want to stay at home all day so i agreed to go. He was the one do the talking and asked me opinions about things. I was happy inside but tried to act cool. When we got to the place, it was a gypsy market in a very hot sunny day. It was crowded and i frowned briefly and looked away but didn't say a word but he seemed to get it and we did a boat trip instead. Before we went on seperate ways, he kissed me on my lips and still texted me saying we would meet soon, let him know about my upcomng trip soon before he flew back. He flew back 3-4 days ago and I haven't heard from him after since. I know this would happen. What could i expect from a one night stand? I did enjoy the sex with him and having him around. I'm just confused why he gave me "we'll meet soon" crap when he didn't intend to meet me again. I know i analyze too much. It wouldn't change the fact it was just a one night stand and it wouldn't turn into anything more. I wish i didn't stay for breakfast.. neither nor going out with him on the second day afternoon. He made me feel special and it made me grow a feeling for him. Stupid me i fall for him. Now i have to move on but i'm missing him...

Last comment on Mar 04, 2015 09:35 AM

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love advice

Posted anonymously on Mar 01, 2015 07:00 AM 8 Responses

I love a girl unconditionally.I've changed myself to every possible extent she likes.She does love me.But she fell in love with an asshole (whom she considers to be a nice person).He was in a relationship and lied to her that he wasn't which was the reason she started getting feelings for him? Now that she knows hes committed, she doen't want a relationship with him,just wants to be friends with him. She thinks too much about him,cries for him.He is an opportunist...he wants to talk/text/meet her when his girlfriend isn't available.Seeing her suffering is giving me immense pain.I can't think of any other girl but her.Iv been hurt crazily and i have lost interest in life.I don't wanna leave her cause im the only close person to her she depends(she'll be shatterd if i left).I can't leave her too.Iv got so attached to her that i cant spend a min thinking of her.I know she's a wreck but i still wanna love her,nurture her. also she knows me from 8 years and gotta that piece of shit hardly an year ago.This literally burns my ass. hes hurt her infinitely and iv loved her,taken care of her and supported her infinitely. we'd smooched,made out etc. but now she refuses to kiss me on my lips cause she gets him on her mind.The fact that she smooched me thinking of him is undigestable to me. im really hurt and depressed. She says she can't take decisions now as shes scared where she might lose me.Hes still on her mind.The more he ignores her,the more she thinks of him and suffers.im suffering seeing this and goin into depression.my life,career,everything is taking a hit. why am i so unlucky? Ive always been the nicest person to her. is it why im getting hurt like this? why do nice people suffer the most while inhuman assholes live a happy life? what do i do?

Last comment on Mar 05, 2015 01:26 PM

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Can they do this?

Posted anonymously on Feb 25, 2015 11:31 AM 5 Responses

I'm currently being treated for bipolar disorder but health professionals. I've only just admitted to the doctor of my feelings due to a push from support and a push in general from my boyfriend. My parents (as I'm only 16) are punishing me for this. They say they are helping but what they're doing is only allowing contact with my boyfriend for an hour a day. My boyfriend is my main pillar of support and as I'm suicidal and a continuous self harmer I need my boyfriend to be there for me to talk to when I begin to get low. My parents don't realise how much harm they are putting me at by basically allowing me to sit isolated in my room with my thoughts. Can they do this? Do you agree with what they are doing? I understand they are my parents, but you can't stop your child talking to her boyfriend of over a year.

Last comment on Mar 09, 2015 04:27 PM

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Lost and Confused

Posted anonymously on Feb 25, 2015 07:37 AM 4 Responses

I was with a man for three years. He started lying, hiding things from me. I found out he was still having contact with his ex girlfriend. He lied about that. He was calling her daughter his. The girl was 19 when he met her. He would leave for the weekend, cut off his phone, and not cut it back on until he came back. His mom told me what he was doing. Then he brings this woman around at first I was told she was his sisters friend. One night I was at his house and she was there. He was standing in front of her. She reaches out and puts his head in her breast. I confronted him, he claimed it would not happen again. He said he was going to tell her to leave, I waited and acted like I was going to the bathroom, when he thought I was out of sight he goes up to her grabs her and hugs her. I was shocked. When she left I confronted him. He said they were friends, nothing else. Last week I decided I could no longer deal with it. I told him. He said he was not giving up anyone for me. He also said she had done more for him than I did. When I met this man he had nothing. Now he is back in his home, lights, hot water, heat. He had no car, now he has two. He had no clothes, now he has plenty. He had no license, he is close to getting some. Why. Because I helped him. Then he tells me this B**** has done more for him than me. He also told me that his ex-girlfriends daughter was his world and he was not giving her up. I talked to him yesterday, he says he does not understand why I will not believe him. He told me If I learned to control my mouth and my thoughts I could keep a man. I just need someone to tell me what you think. I want to hurt him like he has hurt me, but how do you hurt someone who never cared. He said he loved me and still does. I say B*******.

Last comment on Feb 25, 2015 12:42 PM

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Witnessing Abuse and how to take care of it

Posted anonymously on Feb 23, 2015 03:20 PM 2 Responses

My Dad has severe epilepsy and can't hold a job, drive or live alone so he has been living with his parents (my grandparents) while his disability appeal proceeds to court. I live with him because of an issue with my Mom and because I am in college in the town we live. My cousins are the victims of drug abuse during pregnancy and as a result they suffer from autism. They don't live with their parents because they have problems with prescription drug abuse. The children have lived with my grandparents since they were born regardless of there being no no actual custody agreement. My grandparents have been letting the kids parents collect over $600 a month in food stamps for kids they don't support. In the recent years my Grandmother has become what can only b described as psychotic and expressas verbal aggression and physical destruction to her own property in these fits of rage on a daily basis. (Ex: Earlier today she was making pizza and couldn't find the pizza cutter. She goes on to scream at my Dad and My Grandfather all while pulling the draws out of their spaces and throwing things on the floor about how they always hide thing from her because they think it is funny and tells my Dad that he is a liar when he tells her where it is. She finds it where he said it was and says "Real frickin' funny Dan! You caused this mess 'Cause you think you're funny or somethin'!" And that was just one of today's outbursts that happen multiple times a day.) She threatens the kids with physical abuse and screams on a near constant basis. These children shouldn't have to grow up in this environment and be victimized like this. I want to report the actions to child protective services but if I do she will know that I am responsible and kick my disabled father and myself out of the home with nowhere to go. How can I take care of this situation anonymously and do what's right for these children?

Last comment on Feb 24, 2015 08:48 AM

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Don't know what to do

Posted anonymously on Feb 23, 2015 02:41 PM 9 Responses

So, I first met this girl like 2 years ago. We had a lot of friends in common and we engaged in small talks when we hanged out all together, but we only started talking seriously like 3 months ago. We found that we had really good chemistry, and for like 2 months we talked every day up to very late in the night. I visited her home weekly (invited by herself) and we went to a lot of places together. She came to my place and spent countless hours hearing me play the guitar or reading with me. I'm a very shy guy, and I don't have a lot of friends (quite the opposite). I was diagnosed with depression five months ago, after I broke up a very unhealthy relationship and my grandpa (the only member of my family I really cared about) died. She was trying to make me open myself a little more, and I felt I was getting better. I thought of her as just a really good friend, until the day when I went to her house and saw her ex-boyfriend was there too. I got really jealous and left with an stupid excuse. I was really confused because I discovered that she was more than a friend to me. Since that day, she suddenly stopped talking to me. She don't approach me to talk anymore, and don't ask me to go anywhere. I tried doing it myself, and I got rejections and short messages. Now I'm feeling depressed all over again, because I had something really nice and now I don't. I don't talk to anyone besides my co-workers. I just play the guitar all day long (hey, at least I'm getting really good!). I don't know what to do. I don't know what were her feelings about me, I was afraid to ask for fear of ruining the friendship. She often demonstrated her affection with hugs, taking my hand while we walked, etc. but she never did anything "really" romantic, like kissing me. My head is a big mess right now. I miss her dearly, but I have no clue on how to proceed. Sorry about my English btw, I'm still working on it. I very much welcome any corrections! Sorry about the messy redaction as well, I'm really making an effort opening up to strangers and I just wrote it as it came from my mind. Btw, I'm 20 years old and she is 19. It's been nearly a month since we last talked. I was undergoing psychological treatment, but I dropped it two weeks ago because I felt it wasn't helping.

Last comment on Mar 26, 2015 09:07 AM